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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Savannah Haunted Pub & Club Crawl Photos

Friday, December 23, 2005

Orb Photography

(click on the photo to enlarge)

I recently received this photo, from amateur ghost hunter Marie (pictured in the center of the photo, holding an EMF reader), which was taken on tour this was taken at the Moon River Brewing Company). There are several so-called orbs present in the photo, both between Marie and myself (yep, that's me, with my ever-trusty Savannah Fest beer) and down the hallway.

Marie and I had a long conversation via email regarding orbs. I get a lot of questions regarding this phenomenon, so I thought I'd address it here.

I cannot say for certain what an orb is, definitively. But for a novel approach let's focus on what an orb is NOT, for a change. Many people claim that they are electromagnetic spirit energy manifesting or being captured by the camera. I for one discount this theory for a number of reasons. Please notice Marie's EMF reader. It isn't going off. If this was some sort of energy source, her EMF reader would be going crazy, but it isn't.

I also don't believe that these are some sort of electromagnetic phenomena because there isn't a substantiated method for proving that ANY electromagnetic field can be captured on traditional or digital film that way. If that were true , any photo of a human being would be covered in orbs, not even mentioning every electrical outlet, refrigerator or fuse box captured on film.

Conversely, many skeptics say that these are reflections on the lens, moisture or something airborne (pollen, dust, etc.). I don't believe this to be true in every case, because orbs show up in both conventional and digital photos, and in all conceivable lighting condition, flash or no flash. There are also photos of orbs which appear *behind* solid objects. That'd be one big piece of dust!

So what do we know about orbs? We know that *something* strange is going on, but we don't know exactly what. Some of these orb photos are explainable, but not all.

And it is VERY interesting that many seem to be showing up in areas reputed to be haunted.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Autographed Copies of Ghost Book 'Haunted Savannah' available

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Forsyth Park Inn

(c) copyright 2005 James Caskey

Forsyth Park Inn

The Forsyth Park Inn, built in 1893, is one of the most beautiful bed and breakfasts in Savannah. Overlooking the picturesque Forsyth Park fountain from Whitaker St., the Inn has nine uniquely dressed guestrooms which evoke the splendor of the 19th century while providing the comforts of the 21st. The Inn also has another feature which is not advertised in their brochure: the ghost of fourteen-year-old Lottie Churchill, who has been racked by a guilt so powerful that it drove her insane. But to tell her story, one must first tell the amazing tale of her uncle, Captain Aaron Flint ‘Rudder’ Churchill, a distant relative of Winston Churchill.

Churchill’s Amazing Feat

He was born in 1850, in Nova Scotia, and at the age of sixteen served as first mate on the large cargo ship Research, commanded by his uncle. She sailed from Quebec with a cargo of timber bound for Scotland, and during the chilly November voyage her rudder was snapped off in a storm. First Mate Aaron was called upon to save the ship by attaching a new rudder. The crew lowered him over the side by a rope into the stormy sea, and Aaron and managed complete the repairs even though it meant spending over three hours in the near-freezing ocean. The ordeal nearly killed the boy. The new rudder did not last long, and Aaron was called upon to replace the rudder not only a second time, but a total of eight times. He is credited with saving the lives of the crew and saving the ship, complete with cargo. After a voyage of eighty-eight days (and eight rudders!), the ship finally arrived at her destination. The company was so grateful to Aaron that he received a hefty reward for his efforts. By the age of twenty-one, he was captain of his own ship, and at the age of twenty-four he had amassed enough money that he decided to retire to Savannah, with presumably was one of his ports of call during his sailing days.

But Aaron ‘Rudder’ Churchill had only just begun his career. He opened his own stevedoring business on the Savannah docks, and four years later he began his own steamship line. One of the main cargoes transported on his steamships was cotton, and so Aaron began to invest in cotton plantations—meaning he was sending out steamships with holds full of cotton that he himself had produced. He even invented a new process to wrap the cotton into tighter bales, thus making it easier and cheaper to ship.

Due to his great success as a Savannah merchant, Churchill built what was then known as ‘Churchill Mansion’, a larger and grander house that his residence in Nova Scotia. It was this house which would eventually become Forsyth Park Inn.

Churchill, presumably remembering his days as a deckhand, treated his employees exceedingly well. During World War I, the Churchill Steamship Line, Aaron’s company, adopted the policy that if any employee wished to join the armed services, that employee was guaranteed a job making the same salary upon returning from the War. Also, a spouse of the employee would receive half of that salary until the employee’s return— paid out of the company’s own pocket.

Sadly, the one area of his life where Captain Churchill did not excel was in creating a family. He and his wife Lois were unsuccessful in their efforts to have a child, so they adopted Lois’ fourteen-year-old niece. Lottie came to live with Aaron and Lois, and they treated her as if she were their very own. Not long after Lottie was adopted, in 1899, Lois’ sister Anna came to live with the three of them. Anna was recuperating from a long illness. Anna and Lottie became close, and she felt a deep bond developing, as if Anna was the older sister for whom she had always wished.

Lottie’s Dark Plan

One night, Lottie walked past an open doorway, and spotted a couple embracing passionately. She stepped forward to say hello to Uncle Aaron and Aunt Lois, but suddenly she had a numbing realization. Her uncle was embracing Anna, not Aunt Lois!

Lottie was tortured by the knowledge. She spent a sleepless night, tossing and turning, and the more she thought the angrier she became. Most of all she felt betrayed by Anna. She felt as if her perfect life with Uncle Aaron and Aunt Lois was about to end, and it would be because of someone that she had once trusted enough to consider her like a sister. If Anna were removed from the equation, the harmony between her aunt and uncle might return, and she could continue living happily with them. Anna would have to pay for her sins. Lottie devised a plan.

Lottie fixed afternoon tea for her two aunts, but the cup she handed to Anna had more than just steaming water and tea leaves: Lottie had added some poison, in the form of oleander. Sitting together in the garden and not realizing Lottie’s scheme, Anna and Lois happily accepted the afternoon refreshment. Lottie watched from a distance as the deadly poison took effect. Anna collapsed and died in her sister’s arms.

For a short moment, Lottie was ecstatic, thinking she had saved her aunt and uncle’s marriage. But her elation soon turned to despair when Lois sat her down after the funeral and delivered some stunning news: Anna had not just been Lois’ sister, but she had been Lottie’s real mother, as well! Lottie, wracked by guilt, eventually had to be committed to an asylum. She never truly recovered.

One of the few times Lottie emerged from the institution was to attend the funeral for the man who had shown her such kindness: her Uncle Aaron, who died in 1920 at the age of seventy.

A Spectral Presence

Lottie’s ghost is said to still roam the house and garden of the old Churchill homestead, now the Forsyth Park Inn. She has been seen still frequenting the halls by both guests and the owner of the Inn, still appearing to be an insecure fourteen-year-old girl. She has been noted to disappear from sight quickly after being seen—perhaps she is still mortified by the thought of inadvertently killing her own mother after all these years.

She has been seen by guests to still walk the garden of the Inn, perhaps visiting the spot where she procured the oleander with which she poisoned a woman who turned out to be her own mother.

The owner had another strange experience at the Inn, this occurrence taking place in the kitchen. She couldn’t find the keys to the Inn, because they were missing from their customary hook in the kitchen. She hunted high and lo for the keys, and was about to give up her search when the kitchen door opened on its own, the keys were tossed through the open door, and they landed at her feet.

A couple staying at the Forsyth Inn also had a strange instance in their room: the television flipped on by itself one evening. Then the set turned off, then on again. No one was near the remote. Then the channel switched, on its own, to the 2004 conclusion of the trial of Scott Peterson, who was accused of killing his pregnant wife, Laci. The couple relating the story had not heard the story of the young murderess Lottie Churchill, and so didn’t understand the delicious irony: the soul of a departed murderess, turning on the television to check the progress of another accused murderer. Perhaps Lottie took a special interest in the Scott and Laci Peterson case because of the similar murder of a mother by a (supposed) loved one.

The calm and tranquil setting of the Forsyth Park Inn, scene of such a tragic death, is now haunted by the ghost of fourteen-year-old Lottie, who could be seeking atonement for her poisoning scheme gone awry. What lies in her future? Will she ever find the peace for which she searches? Unfortunately for Lottie, the tea leaves showing her fortune are tainted by oleander, perhaps forever.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

TAPS "Ghost Hunters" Revisited

In the "Ghost Hunters" program on SciFi, one of the team members makes a statement about the area where they caught a supposed apparition on camera. He says, in essence, that there is no way anyone could have gotten back into that area without being seen by the camera. Hmmmmm. I spend about five nights a week in that area, and as soon as he said it, alarm bells went off for me.

Thanks to Fear Turtles on the TAPS Forum for these pics.

Here is roughly the same view as the camera in the show. This is the rear basement. We are viewing the two pool tables, and please note that the entire right hand portion of the basement is obscured by a wall.

Here is the rear pool table, behind which the 'apparition' appeared to scamper. These buffet tables were not in the area when the TAPS crew was filming, BTW. Please note how much room there is off to the right, between the wall and the pool table. It is NOT the cramped area implied by the show's camera.

Here is the shot they never show you. This is a view directly to the right, turning the camera roughly 90 degrees. There is a door in this area which leads up to the main dining room located in the rear of the restaurant. Please note the fire exit sign-- there have to be two exits as stated by fire codes.

Also, to the right of this shot (just past the doorway in that stairwell), there is a small space which is used for storage. There is an area that would be quite simple for someone to hide. The door opens out, remember, because of fire codes.

The TAPS team was being misleading, at best.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Remember Pearl Harbor

Please take a moment to consider that it is December 7th, 2005, the 64th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Certain moments will be indelibly etched into the character of a generation: 9/11, the Challenger disaster, the moon landing, President Kennedy's assassination. The surprise attack of U.S. forces in Pearl Harbor is one of these unforgettable moments which must be remembered as a key turning point in history.

This reminds me that I should call members of my family who served in the military.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ghostock 2 in Savannah

A ghost forum/ investigation is coming to Savannah on January 27-29th 2006. The Ghostock event, organized by Ghost Hounds founder and director Patrick Burns, will be taking place in the Marshall House.

Speakers will include:

local author James Caskey, writer of bestselling local book 'Haunted Savannah' and founder of Cobblestone Tours (yes, a self-plug);

local author Murray Silver, writer of bestselling local book 'Behind the Moss Curtain' and 'Great Balls of Fire:The Unauthorized Biography of Jerry Lee Lewis'.

local historian and tour guide Rebecca Clark.

For more info, please contact:


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