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Monday, January 09, 2006

Returned Home...

I have returned from our (as yet untitled) travel show. What an incredible experience. I am exhausted, and thus glad that it is over, but also I wish we were still shooting and visiting those incredible locations. Wow, what an extended weekend! We traveled over 2,000 miles in four days (roughly equivalent to driving to Denver).

I had thought about doing a sort of journal about the experience, but I'd rather let everyone experience it as intended-- in a TV show or internet film format. Let me just say that I had no idea that we had so many unique and exciting places to visit in my home state of Georgia.

Those of you who know me well will be glad to know that I didn't disappoint... and by that I mean that when you point a camera at me I'm bound to do something incredibly klutzy. All I will say is that I completely ruined that pair of shoes, and of course it happened when the cameras were rolling.

I will say that our footage of the Georgia Guidestones was probably the highlight of the trip, although right up there would have to be the abandoned railroad tunnel... the one which seemed to get more forbidding as we travelled the length of it. Our lights, one by one, kept going out. The film team had this moment where we all began to consider what we would have to do if the battery-powered lights failed us entirely, and we were forced to travel strictly by candlelight. I sincerely hope that our moment there translates onto film, because I for one was really beginning to get nervous.

More on this later... and when the footage becomes available I will definitely post a link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did the Skaliwag Daniel Murphy attempt to extort anything from you or the producers by claiming this show was his idea or your knowledge was gained from his intelect ?

8:15 AM  
Blogger Jamie Caskey said...

If you're referring to Daniel from the Hearse Tours, I've only spoken to him maybe twice in the three years he's been in business-- and both conversations were ones I would call cordial and friendly. They were phone calls, not face-to-face meetings. In terms of us associating, I think he and I were at the same party once and chatted amicably for no more than five minutes. But I would characterize our relationship as friendly and professional.

Daniel had no connection to this project, either through me or through the others associated with production.

In all our years of both being involved in tourism, I've never heard or experienced a single negative thing regarding Daniel Murphy.

Also, you've misspelled 'scalawag'.

8:52 AM  

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