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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More TAPS comments

I get the occasional comment or email from this blog. Most deal with that TV show Ghost Hunters: TAPS, of which I am assuredly not a fan. I've gone to great lengths to not make fun of TAPS (it is a mighty struggle), and try to keep my comments factual and impartial.

Here is the most recent comment:
Anonymous said...

Would TAPS fake evidence?

Folks, this is a TV show. It is entertainment. If you haven't figured that out with the 'hipper than hip' camera moves and Real World-esque drama amongst the cast, then nothing I can say about the show will change your mind.

These guys give ghost hunters a bad name-- and given the second-science status of most paranormal investigations, that is really saying something. I've given up watching the show because of their shoddy scientific work, and unprofessional attitude.

Regarding the post by a reader: who cares? These guys have zero respect in the professional community... of which I do not consider myself a member, by the way. If you consider holding up your arms on camera and saying 'I feel a cold spot' evidence, you're missing the point.

If you like the show, then fine. But don't ever consider what they do to be a real invstigation, because it just isn't-- it's entertainment.


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