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Monday, March 06, 2006

Moon River Occurrence

In my five years of being a tour guide, I've seen a few strange things. But rarely have they happened in front of a large group with perfect timing-- such as the tour last week.

I was leading a pub tour, and early in the night a young lady expressed her disbelief in the supernatural. She said, "Until I see it I won't believe." Well, that's a common statement on the pub tour, and she seemed to be enjoying the stories nonetheless. We got to Moon River Brewing Company, and the tour goes upstairs into the unrenovated portion.

Well, we got through with that part of the tour and were pausing at the bar before heading on to our next location. I walked over to the aforementioned young lady and asked if she was enjoying herself. A few others in the group clustered around us, mostly to get a drink but also to hear our conversation.

"You got a chill out of me," she admitted, "But I still don't believe in this stuff. Like I said, I will only believe when I see it."

At the very moment she spoke those words, something happened. The plastic stand holding the beer list on the bar behind her (picture the plastic holder where they insert a list of drink specials or desserts and you'll have the right idea) literally split open. No one touched it or was near it. The darned thing flopped into two pieces right behind her-- and everyone who was near us saw it but her. She, the admitted disbeliever, was the only one who didn't see the plastic stand fall open on its own. She saw our expressions and asked, "What?"

Sometimes, ghosts can have a sense of humor. Or at least it certainly appeared so, to us ten or so standing at the bar in Moon River with our mouths open.


Blogger Lillian Lushwell & Jik said...

I found this great article and then searched "haunted savannah" and found you! Just thought you might be interested in this article.


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Blogger LiveLoveCheer said...

Hi, I'm Savannah Joslin from Mt. Pleasant MI. I'm doing a report on the history of Savannah and how its know as a Ghost town for my english research project. I visit Savannah every year and I wanted to know more on the subject. I'm looking to interview someone that knows alot on the history and ghost stories. So could you email me? savannah_banana469@yahoo.com thanks(:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I assume you go to central Savannah

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